10 Practical and Efficient Features 1st Time Buyers Want



10 Features Most New Homes Will Have in 2015

The 10 Most Popular Features of New Homes in 2015 are:


1. Walk-In Closet


10 Practical and Efficient Features in New Homes

Walk-In Closet


2. Laundry Room

Laundry Room in New Homes

Laundry Room


3. Low-emissivity Windows


Energy Efficient Windows with low emmissions

Low-Emmissivity Windows


4. Great Room



living room

Great Room


5. Energy Star Appliances


Energy Effiecient Appliance

Energy Star Appliances


6. Energy Star Windows


Energy Efficient Windows

Energy Star Windows


7. 1st Floor Ceiling is 9 Feet


High Cathedral Ceiling

9-Foot Ceiling


8. 2-Car Garage


Attached 2 car garage

2-Car Garage


9. Programmable Thermostat


Energy Efficient Thermostat

Programmable Thermostat


10. Granite Countertops


Granite counter

Granite Countertops

Practical and Efficient Features for New Home Builders

Luxury and Entertainment are being replaced by Practical and Efficient features in new homes today. Before the recession, new homes were built with entertaining and luxury in mind, even for the average consumer’s home.  Finding a brand new home with an outdoor kitchen or fireplace isn’t as easy these days.  Today, new home buyers – many of whom are Millennials – are singing to a different tune and choosing more practical and efficient features for new homes.  Media rooms and two-story foyers are being replaced with walk-in closets and laundry rooms in 2015.

The NAHB surveyed nearly 400 U.S. Housing Starts Up in 2015 at the beginning of 2015 to ask which features we are most likely to see in new homes and communities.  Outdoor kitchens and fireplaces, sunrooms, main-level carpeting, and media rooms are declining in popularity.  Conversely, more practical and efficient features – e.g. walk-in closets, laundry rooms, energy-efficient windows and appliances, and programmable thermostats – are up-and-coming.

Spending wisely and living within one’s means is another common theme among first-time home buyers in today’s economy.  More than 62% of Americans were cutting back on their spending at the tail-end of the recession, according to a Pew Research Survey in 2010.  31% of those surveyed said they would hold back on spending until the economy showed improvement.  As a product of the recession, Millennials and other First-Time Home-Buyers are scraping to come up with a down payment, and they want a home with practical and efficient features.

Today’s First-Time Homebuyers are often couples with or without children that have two jobs.  A couple that is working around each other to get to work and get the kids ready in the morning needs an organized home with space to move around each other.  An organized laundry room and walk-in closet is exactly what working couples needs to run a smooth household.

They Haven’t Forgotten About the Green

As awareness and concern for the environment increases, so does the trend of going green.  101 Way to Go Green in 2015, and they represent both the practical and efficient features in a new home.  Not to mention, Energy Star brand appliances and windows, low-emissivity windows, and programmable thermostats save the environment while saving home owners money.  Millennials and first-time home buyers know how to save green by going green.