5 Tips to Make Your Move More Smooth



5 Tips to Make Your Move More Smooth

Clear the Clutter

Picture yourself in your new home.  Now picture how you want your new home to look and feel.  Is there anything missing from this picture?  Chances are, there are several items in your home that you simply don’t need and don’t use.  Toss them.  Don’t get caught up when you come across long-lost items that you used to love.  If you forgot all about them, then they’ll only take up the same spare storage space in your new home as they did in your current home.

It might help you to let go of your once beloved belongings if you first imagine packing everything you still use, and then imagine packing all your dust-covered junk that you haven’t seen in twenty years on top of all that.  Another reality to keep in mind is that everything you pack, you must also transport, unpack, and find a space for in your new home.  Do you really want to finally clear out that attic just to fill a new one?

Save yourself some effort, and clear your clutter.  You’ll save yourself some moving expenses and maybe you can recoup some of your costs by selling your previously prized possessions at a yard sale.

Counter Chord Chaos

 After the dust settles and your in your new home, unpacking is the easy part, right?  Not hardly.  Sure the furniture and major appliances are easy.  You might still have a lot of unpacking ahead of you, but at least you can a little break or relax for the evening on your couch and watch some TV.  Maybe the home office was your first priority, so at least you can sit at your desk and in front of your computer to tackle some much neglected work that needs your attention.  Now where did you put that… power chord, cable chord, phone chord, USB chord…?

After tackling a seemingly un-ending web of self-tangling chords, the last thing you want to do is play chord roulette to determine which chord belongs to which machine.  A little pre-planning on your part will eliminate all that trouble.  Be sure to label your chords according to their respective devices.  A good way to tame chord chaos is to put them each in a small plastic baggy and write the name of the chord’s accompanying device (and socket when applicable) on the baggy with a sharpie.  Then you can either attach the baggy to the device with tape or pack them all together in one box.

 Don’t Lose Dyer Documents

Chances are, not all of your precious possessions will survive the move without being damaged or getting lost in the shuffle.  It’s inevitable.

Keep your most personal documents from becoming relocation wreckage.  If you haven’t already, it’s wise to invest in a fireproof lockbox.  You can sleep soundly knowing your birth certificate, social security card, passport, and other irreplaceable documents are secure and protected.  Keep your fireproof lockbox with you for the move.

Compact Your Discs

Over the years, your CD, DVD, and Blue Ray collections may have grown to quite the collection.  You’ll soon discover that packing all those cases may require a lot of space.  If you take the time to organize your discs into a binder with protective sleeves, you’ll save a lot of space.  It might take you some time, but you’ll end up with all your music, movies, and video games indexed, organized, and in one place.

Pack with a Purpose

Have you put much thought into developing a system for your move?  A little forethought and planning before your move will save you time and turmoil in the long run.

It’s easy to get caught up in the move, but don’t forget to keep track of current bills and information about the move.  You can use a binder to keep upcoming bills, stamps, contact information for the movers, and similar items handy and all in one place.

Using a visual organization system will streamline your moving and unpacking processes.  You can color coordinate your cargo according to room, use, or whatever works for you.  Colorful boxes, sharpies, or labels are all useful in the color code method.