Moving to Virginia Beach? 11 Websites You’ll Need


Moving to Virginia Beach?

11 Websites Everyone Moving to Virginia Beach Need to Know



Virginia Beach Links for… What Your REALTOR® Just Can’t Tell You

Don’t you want to know what you can expect before you buy a new home in Virginia Beach?  Your REALTOR® will help you as much as possible, but there are some things he/she is not permitted to discuss.  Fortunately, they can provide clients with the means to get the information themselves.

If you’re new the area, you might be depending on other people to provide you with information about your intended community.  Your REALTOR® is likely to advise you to ask coworkers about your intended new home and visit the neighborhood at different times of the day, and that is great advice.  Also, you can find any data you might need at the following websites.

Resources for Virginia Beach Home Buyer

What Your REALTOR Just Can’t Tell You

Household Income

Your REALTOR® can not discuss the average household income or economic class of a neighborhood.  Neighborhood Scout is a website that can help you find this data.


Giving advice or opinions about school systems, like economic income, is considered steering.  You can find information about schools in Virginia Beach at the Virginia Beach City Public Schools website.


A community’s religious make-up is an off-limits topic for REALTORS® in Virginia Beach. Though there is no website to find the religious make-up or places of worship for Virginia Beach, you can use a search engine, such as google, to search for religious organizations near your intended new home.  Once you locate the nearby places of worship, ask the religious leaders for advice.


Providing statistics regarding a local community’s level of crime is considered a violation of the Fair Housing Act for your REALTOR®.  This information can be found at Family Watchdog or you can find crime reports at the City of Virginia Beach’s website.


Virginia Beach Links for… What Every Resident Needs to Know

As much as your REALTOR® wants to help you by providing as much information as possible, no one can be expected to know everything.  Here are some more resources you might find helpful when moving to Virginia Beach.

Moving to Virginia Beach

Links for Virginia Beach Locals and Residents

Virginia Beach City Website

The website for the city of Virginia Beach is one of the best resources for someone new the area, and you fill find yourself referencing it for years to come.  The city’s website provides information about local government, entertainment, military, schools, transportation, and anything you will need to know about living in Virginia Beach, VA.

Hampton Roads Transit

Hampton Roads Transit has all the information for public transportation in Virginia Beach and all Hampton Roads.  HRT’s website provides bus and light rail schedules, routes, information about fares, and a portal to buy tickets online.

Virginia DMV

The Department of Motor Vehicles in Virginia can be found at  There a lot of services offered at the DMV’s website, or you can find the nearest branch to go in person.


There are so many utility companies you’ll need to call to set-up services. it’s hard to keep them all straight.  Here’s a list of utility companies for Virginia Beach.

1. Dominion Power – Dominion Power is the electric company that serves Virginia Beach, go to to establish service

2. Verizon – Verizon is a one-stop-shop for TV, internet, and landline bundles.  You can get information about their services at

3. Cox Communications – Just like Verizon, Cox Communications has similar bundles of TV, internet, and landline services.  Visit Cox Communications at

4. Water & Sewage – You can find information about water and sewage services at City of Virginia Beach’s website.

5. Virginia Natural Gas – Find Virginia Natural Gas’s website at


All Things Fun Hampton Roads

For a comprehensive guide to entertainment – Music, Arts, Food, Movies, TV, and Events – visit  For news and other information locals need to know visit The Pilot Online, the website for Virginia Beach’s local newspaper.  For more fun and entertainment in Virginia Beach, read this article called 101 Reasons to Love Virginia Beach.

Virginia Beach Links for… Military


Resources for Moving to Virginia Beach

Links for Military Moving to Virginia Beach

Military Bases in Virginia Beach

There are several military bases in Virginia Beach and the surrounding metropolitan cities that make Hampton Roads.  Here are links to each base’s website: Naval Air Station Oceana, JEB Little Creek / Fort Story, Naval Station Norfolk, Norfolk Naval Shipyard, NSA Hampton Roads / Northwest Annex, Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, and Langley Air Force Base.


A Few Military Guides

Welcome to Hampton Roads guide and Phone Directory of Military Services are a couple more resources for new military families in Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads.