10 Ways to Make Your Kitchen Seem Spacious



Make Your Tiny Kitchen Feel Bigger With These 10 Ways




If you have a tiny kitchen, you know that how you use your space is important.  Here are 10 techniques you can use to make the best of your small space.


1. Glass Doors


Replace wooden cabinet fronts with glass to lighten the look of cabinetry and create the illusion of space. The only catch to this technique is that you must keep your cabinets presentable. Filling your cabinets with unsightly clutter will defeat the purpose.

2. Match Cabinet Color and Wall Color


You can eliminate visual boundaries in your kitchen by matching the color of your cabinets to your walls. Light colors reflect light and create the illusion of space. Dark colors will also make the kitchen look larger by creating the effect that walls are further back than they actually are.

3. Keep Furniture and Fixtures Compact


Large furniture and fixtures in your kitchen will make your compact kitchen seem even smaller. Use narrow tables, chairs, islands, and any other furniture that you can find in your kitchen.

4. Recess Storage


Tuck a pantry, shelving or cabinets flush with the wall to keep from obstructing the kitchen’s flow. It’s fairly easy to retrofit a recessed niche, especially if you orient it between wall studs.

5. Use Clean Lines


Big corbels, ornate cabinetry and fussy details can make a kitchen feel chopped up. Instead, keep the elements tailored and sleek to smooth out the look and create a roomier feel.

6. Merge into a Larger Space


This breakfast room, separated from the kitchen by a low half wall, feels like a natural extension of the cooking area.

7. Incorporate Open Shelving


To reduce visual weight and create the illusion of expansion. Choose floating shelves over brackets to produce an even sleeker look.

8. Winnow Down


Don’t crowd counters, shelves and cabinets with clutter, which makes the space look as though it’s bursting at the seams. Instead, focus on a few standout items and necessities and hide the rest away.

9. Guide Eyes Upward


Choose patterns and visual elements that help to guide the gaze toward the ceiling. The vertical lines of the wall and ceiling boards in this kitchen lend the impression of greater height.

10. Flood the Room With Light


Whether your kitchen is done in pale colors or dark ones, light beaming in will help it feel as large as possible. Keep window treatments very simple, or eliminate them entirely, so as not to block the sun.