Have You Heard of a She Shed?



Creative Takes on the She Shed

Forget the Man Cave, Have You Heard of the She Shed?


“I think having ‘a place of one’s own’ is innate in each of us,” commented Houzz user laurielynne on the recent Houzz story 11 Nominees for the “She Shed” Hall of Fame. From the overwhelming response to the story, I found this to be very true. So many readers shared their photos of their sheds and what they liked to do in them, that we tracked down as many of them as we could to find out more.

What is so interesting about these sheds is the pure ingenuity that went into creating them. Whether the owners repurposed existing dilapidated sheds or learned how to build their own sheds, there were several common threads that ran through a lot of their experiences: (1) Many of them had a lot of help from friends and family, whether they donated materials or skills; (2) many of them reclaimed, repurposed and recycled many of the materials used to build their sheds, and they used these materials in very creative ways; and (3), these are little getaways that inspire creativity and bring a sense of peace.

Many thanks to all who shared their sheds.