$400 Laundry Room Remodel, See How They Did It


See an Amazing $400 Laundry Room Remodel for a Family of 8


Ronda Batchelor and her husband, Les, have six kids. Yes, you read that right. The children are ages 20, 18, 16, 13 (twin girls) and 10. Needless to say, when it comes time to do laundry for the family of eight, Ronda spends a solid day or two doing nothing but sorting, washing, drying and folding.

There weren’t any cabinets, there was no folding space and there was nowhere to put clothes baskets.

This meant that everything ended up on the floor, on top of the appliances, strewn across a single closet shelf or dumped onto the living room sofa for folding.

She carefully sourced discounted materials from her local ReStore location, which is Habitat for Humanity’s nonprofit home improvement donation and resale center.

After that she built, spray painted, wired and installed everything in the new laundry room, which includes a folding table, smart storage and lots of bins for sorting and organizing. “I like things to be pretty and organized, but it has to function,” Ronda says.

She says she spent just $409 and six months on the update.

The kids now bring in their dirty clothes and sort them into the appropriate bin. Ronda washes the items, folds them on the counter, then turns around and places them into numbered bins, which the kids are expected to pick up, take to their rooms and put away, then return the basket. (Some share rooms and therefore baskets.) “They know that if they don’t return their basket in a timely fashion, then Mom is kind of grumpy,” she says.

Ronda stole space for the recessed wired baskets — she calls it the “clean clothes tower” — from an unused cubby niche in her daughter’s room on the other side of the wall. She also recessed a cabinet into the wall to store supplies and a fold-down ironing board.

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